Service Pro Restoration Plans to Host a Water Damage Restoration Webinar

Service Pro Restoration Presents: The National Water Damage and Mold Restoration Conference 2020

Water damage is an alarming problem that has to be tackled promptly and that is the reason why Service Pro Restoration is hosting a one-hour seminar in Concord North Carolina at 10:00 AM on 25th Jan 2020 to educate the general public on restoring water-damaged structures. The owner of Service Pro Restoration, Mr. Ryan Reynolds, will be hosting the seminar along with experienced and certified technicians that manage the restoration procedure. In this educational seminar, the public will be made aware of the risks of water damage and how Service Restoration tackles it. Service Pro Restoration is located in the center of the Cabarrus County, and two miles away from Walmart Supercenter in Concord, North Carolina.

Most of the time water damage problems are taken very lightly by commercial or residential property owners as they don’t realize how much damage it may cause to their house in the long term. Mr. Ryan Reynolds of Service Pro Restoration, therefore, felt the need of creating awareness regarding the water damage basics. There are numerous professional techniques for restoring water damage the right way. Water damage must be restored by IICRC certified professionals at the right time to prevent any future complications. As Mr. Ryan Reynolds said while briefing concerning the seminar,

“Most of the property owners are not aware of just how much damage an apparently minor water damage problem can cause for their building, and how expensive it could be if the right restoration process is not done promptly.”

Service Pro Restoration North Carolina Water Damage Event

 Many aspects of water damage basics will be covered by the team of IICRC certified technicians at the Water Restoration Seminars being held at the Service Pro Restoration office conference hall in Concord North Carolina. Throughout the seminar, you will know how to discover the first indication of water-related damage and the way that water damage spreads quickly. They will not just go in detail about the water damage process but will also emphasize the effects of managing the issue unprofessionally. Building owners can benefit from these exclusive educational seminars hosted by Service Pro Restoration each Saturday. They can learn about the technical aspects of water damage basics from the pros of the area and can also clear their confusion and questions in the question/answer session at the close of the seminar.

In case, the trained and expert speakers of the Service Pro Restoration Company will also speak on the safety concerns in detail. They’ll brief the attendees concerning the actions to address this nightmare. The speakers will make them understand the key precaution they should take, instead of being frightened, to halt the damage increase further. Actions like locating the origin of water leakage, trying to shut off the source of water and power, moving furniture away from the damaged area, preventing sewage-contaminated water can reduce the expansion of damage before the professional help can reach them.

The audience of The North American Water Damage Restoration Event seminar will surely value this fruitful 2 hours experience at the conference hall of Service Pro Restoration in Concord North Carolina. The valuable information shared by Mr. Ryan Reynolds and his team of professionals will surely help in creating essential awareness regarding water damage restoration. We all need to comprehend the procedure for water damage, its short term and long term effects on a building, and why specialist advice and help is crucial for dealing with the water damage issues at the right time.

Service Pro Restoration has earned the trust of its clients by responding to their calls 24/7/365. This group of IICRC certified professionals has always been there to revive a damaged building with a 60-minute quick response. You can definitely rely on this company, as it is A-rated by the BBB and has been out there for over 20 years. They have local offices in multiple states so that you can make sure to get their quick response and services always. However severe the water, fire or storm damage is, Service Pro Restoration will always be there to restore your building to its best condition in the most professional manner.

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Event Location: Concord, North Carolina